Best international online colleges

Dr Fred DiUlus has just published the 2014 list of the best and worst online colleges. Which online colleges have done the best and what makes them so good?

Dr Fred DiUlus was the first to produce a ranking of the online version of distance learning provided by colleges and universities around the world. This year sees the last free version of the ranking order. As from 2015, the team will be significantly expanding the coverage of the review from the current 400 accredited colleges and universities to include high schools, two-year colleges, and specialty colleges.

As it holders, the earth regarding online institutions will be a little like the particular Outdoors Western using almost endless opportunities to be had, although solely some of these alternatives are actually really worth the time and effort. With increased as compared to one-hundred several years regarding distance learning encounter powering the idea, the very best online university may be the College regarding London. Using many years regarding encounter with providing written content by nontraditional indicates, it's got shared the particular technological know-how using eagerness and also dominates when it comes to high quality.

In positions 2 and 3 we have the top university on the African continent, the University of South Africa, and the University of Southern Queensland, the top university in Australasia. The best American online colleges are the University of Phoenix and Jones International University. It seems America has a long way to go before it can challenge for the top position.

Online colleges have a wide variety of specializations and the limitations of not being close enough to a campus are eliminated. With so many choices available, selecting the right college can be easy, yet tiresome at the same time. A large variety of online courses and majors can make the choice difficult when narrowing down your options. Once you know where you want to focus, it is easy to find the right online college for your needs. For more information on online colleges, visit



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